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European Golf Coaches is a new organisation designed to help you get the best out of your coaching career. With access to membership, insurance, top quality coaching instruction, golf training holidays, secure members area and more...

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Membership Benefits

Teaching Insurance

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UK based coaches can access golf coaching insurance through our membership scheme. Regardless of whether you are teaching full-time, part-time or just as a hobby, you really should be covered in today's climate.

Don’t leave things to chance, we have good quality cover as standard, but if you need something extra added to your policy let us know.



Membership Card

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The European golf coaches card is your mark of membership to the organisation, it comes with the wording of your qualification, plus your ID photo.

This card may help if you are travelling to other golf courses to get courtesy or a discount rate. (although not guaranteed)

Support Community

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Through the network of golf coaches involved within the membership, you will have access to people who have been teaching at high levels for many years through our golf coach forums. Plus we aim to be able to get back to anyone with a golf-related query as soon as possible.

Improve Skills and Knowledge

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As a golf coach, it is your reasonability to be armed with up to date information to pass onto your students. At the European golf coaches, we aim to provide as much information as we can to help keep your skills up to speed with 21st-century thoughts and theories.

Continual Development programs and seminars will be put on in the future to aid your personal development.

Exclusive Member Offers

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We will be trying to implement some decent deals for golf coaches as members benefits.

From golf clubs to golf pro breaks and much more...

You can trust us to ensure the quality of the products or services are good enough for this organisation to offer to its members. 

Expert Panel

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Through our network of expert golf coaches, you will be able to ask people who have many thousands of hours teaching at the highest level. We will also look to also gain access to other experts in other fields related to golf as well. These people are all busy golf coaches, so please give them a little time to answer if you are messaging them.

The Expert Panel


Bill Abbott

EGC - Master Professional 

Teaching Golf for 25 years - Coach Education Instructor ( 17 years ), Coach to Tour Winners ( Senior LPGA Major Champion and CPGA Tour Winners ). Head of Instruction at The Darenth Golf Club, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK, also Head of Instruction at Ele Golf International Academy, Wuxi, China.


Stewart Craig

EGC - Master Professional 

Teaching Golf for 23 Years, Coach Education Instructor (15 Years ), Ladies European Tour Coach, Coach to Tour Professionals, Coach to Leading Amateur Players.

Stewart has built up a fantastic reputation as a golf coach, and is one of the very best in the UK. He is comfortable teaching all levels of players from Tour Elite, all the way through to people just starting the game.

He owns a state of the art teaching facility in Scotland which houses everything needed in today's high tec golf world, Trackman, SAM putt lab, SAM Balance lab, 3 D motion capture and much more. 

Owner of Forthview Golf Academy in Scotland and Stewart Craig Golf.


Martin Park

EGC - Master Professional 

Martin has been teaching golf for over 20 years, teaching at the highest level, from Tour Winners (Senior LPGA Champion ) Tour Professionals, Amateurs Golfers and Beginners.

Martin is an accredited, Aimpoint Instructor, Stack n Tilt Instructor, The Golfing Machine Instructor as well as being one of Europes best clubmakers.

Martin is based at the beautiful Valle Del Este Golf Resort and Spa in Almeria in Spain where he is the Head of Instruction.


Paul Tolley

EGC - Master Professional 

Paul is another highly respected Golf Coach, based now in London. He has been teaching for 25 Years, again working with Tour Professionals, Amateur Golfers and Beginners. 

Paul worked as a lead instructor on the Coach Education Programme for 15 years, helping mould the next generation of golf coaches in Europe.

Paul is teaching at Sudbury Golf Club in London and teaches many hours every week with the members and guests of the club.


Steve Ellis

EGC - Marketing Expert

Business strategist, consultant, marketing guru (who’s been in the marketing trenches for the last 15 years), certified leadership mentor, golf coach and motivational coach all rolled up into one.

Steve has a knack for figuring out how to bring golf-related businesses success and then how to take them from one level of success to the next until they reach their ultimate goal or aspirations.

The smartest investment you'll make in 2020

Improve your coaching skills

To be successful as a golf coach, you need to constantly assess your coaching skills and knowledge. We will be sharing coaching information to help keep you up to date with current methods and with the coaches forum you will be able to post items and get other coaches ideas. We want to keep the flow of information moving to help people improve.

Delight your students

By re-evaluating your skills and things that you offer students, you will be able to create more interest in your services and packages. Find things to add on to your golf lessons and this will show people you are not standing still and looking to give them better value.

Grow your online audience

If you are not into the new age of social media, you really should be. This is where many golf coaches capture people with their online presence, so it's up to you to get into finding new ways to connect with people via the many popular social media sites available. We are fortunate to have an expert on our team within this field to show you how to grow your online audience, implement effective marketing systems and automate mundane marketing tasks.

Improve your business results

If you are coaching for a living, then you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve your business model.

Be honest with what you're offering your students and see if you can add value to your services as a golf coach. There are a number of ways to diversify your skills and keep your business ticking over all year round.

Free up time and have more fun

As golfers, we naturally still love to play, but often it's difficult when you are a busy golf coach to find the time.

By optimising your business model better, you should start to create more time for the nice things in life, like family time and playing a few more rounds of golf.      

Improve your own golf game

As a golf coach it can be difficult to spend time on your own game, but we think it’s important that you try to find ways to improve your skills for your own peace of mind and also if you are asked to do a playing lesson or demonstration as well.

A lot of the information you will see posted on the members section will give you a much needed boost, not only for your students but also for yourself as well. Pick out a few areas of your game that you struggle with and try to work solely on those when you practice, it helps confidence when out playing or teaching.

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